Our business model

At KPI Creatives, we operate with a clear and transparent business model designed to deliver high-quality content quickly and affordably while mitigating the risks associated with freelancing.



Specialized Freelance Talent

Our team includes designers, developers, and video editors from Europe and other regions with lower rates, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Our highly efficient recruiting and scouting processes allow us to recruit the coolest talent, with a strong focus on video editors, developers, and designers.

Cost-Effective Billing

Clients pay a flat rate of $25 per hour, covering both the freelancer's fee and our commission. This single rate ensures simplicity and transparency, without any additional fees for project management or other services.

Flexible Subscription Model

Subscriptions start at $2000/month, providing consistent quality and availability. It’s even more profitable to subscribe to a monthly volume, ensuring a steady workflow and cost savings.

Comprehensive Project Management

End-to-End Oversight: Our team ensures deadlines, quality control, and seamless client communication.

Modern Tools & Software

Efficiency & Flexibility: We use advanced tools for efficient communication and project management, including Сustomer Portal, CRM, PM software. We also use various AI-powered tools to automate our business processes, making our model work efficiently.

Risk Mitigation

Reliable Delivery
We handle all risks associated with freelancers. If a freelancer is unavailable, we seamlessly reassign the task to another qualified professional from our in-house team of specialists, ensuring timely delivery and reliable backup.
Contracts & Copyrights
All freelancers work under strict contracts, and all copyrights are contractually transferred to our clients to protect your intellectual property.
Regular Updates
Freelancers provide regular updates to monitor progress.
Backup Freelancers
Maintain a pool of backup freelancers to step in if needed.
Performance Reviews
Conduct regular performance reviews to maintain quality.
Escrow Payments
Use escrow services for payments to ensure milestones are met before releasing funds.


Open and Honest: Unlike many agencies that hide their use of freelancers, we are completely transparent. We see our model as an advantage, not a disadvantage. Clients know exactly who is working on their projects, but all interactions occur through our customer success team to maintain quality and project control.


Stable Growth
This model allows us to stabilize and scale our business effectively, unlike traditional agencies with full-time employees which do not scale as efficiently.
Flexibility &
Thanks to our model, we are not limited and can adjust to any customer's request, providing tailored solutions for projects of any size and complexity.

Our Process


Understanding your needs

Matching & Contract Signing

Assigning the best specialist and formalizing agreements and expectations


Securing project funding


Using modern tools for execution


Ensuring high quality


Timely and accurate results.

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